This section is all about AFPS movement.

Like aim, AFPS movement is a rabbit hole. Just like there are people who spend all their time in aim trainers, there is a subculture of players who only play with FPS movement. Most high level techniques used in time trials and trickjumping are not necessary for mastering Duel or TDM, but the more aware you are of the underlying movement mechanics of the game and its engine, the more options you'll have when it comes to movement. For the beginner, the minimum you should focus on is building muscle memory for the basic moves in your game so you can do them without thinking. In most quakelikes that's Circle Jumping and Strafejumping.

Recommended movement communities:

Diabotical Racing Community:

Defrag Community:

MomentumMod (a source mod collecting movement modes in source games + quake)

Diabotical Movement Guides

  • Circle&Strafe Jumping Tutorials (VQL)

  • LNR's Dodging Guide (anyone have link?)

  • Air Control**

  • Crouch Sliding**

  • General Movement

**these mechanics are not part of the movement in vanilla Diabotical but come up in other modes and games