This section is about Aim and the variables that affect it

FPS Aim is a very well documented field now with loads of knowledge and an equal amount of BS. The first question to ask yourself before diving in here is: Have I looked at the other sections? Aim is important but if you are just starting out, there's a high probability that you'll find faster gains from other parts of your game. As a beginner, the best thing you can do for now is just make sure you have a comfortable mouse with a good sensor, a large clean surface to mouse on, and a sensitivity somewhere between roughly 25cm and 35cm/360. Once you can physically aim comfortably, you can dip your toes into aiming theory, notice the differences between aiming with movement keys and with the mouse, differences between aiming at targets above and below you, and the difference your grip makes in your mouse control. Just remember two things:

1) The goal of aim training is to make aim intuitive so you don't have to spend mental energy thinking about it in game.

2) Aim never tells the whole story. The cause of poor aim is often not related to mouse control. Your gamesense, positioning, weapon selection, mental, diet, sleep, posture can all make your shots easier or harder. Aim training can help you hit harder shots and hit easy shots more consistently but it can't help you understand why you always end up taking hard shots instead of easy shots or even why you always miss that one easy shot.

Aim guides and routines

Nothing beats practicing with a partner since you can train aim and dodge together. Sea7 runs a weekly aim training event in Diabotical on thursdays at 8pm EST (on client-side setting so you can play cross region). Aim training with a partner in-game is the best way to practice and by doing this once a week you'll see longterm improvement. Aside from shaft arena, spend some time on the other weapons as well via instagib and rocket arena.

we also recommend for aim-training. Read their quickstart guide and join their discord community to start your "aim journey"

AFPS Specific Resources:

Hardware and settings guides

Aim Trainers:

Mouse Control Game - An aim trainer project by district member Kranthos

Kovaak's Aim Trainer

Aim Lab

Beat Aim